Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is an India based Placement and Human Resource consultancy company located in Gurgaon City. As an upcoming player in the Placement and HR Industry,we have a dedicated team and a well established network of business associates. We are providing an opportunity to all front-line candidates to reach out for the best available opportunities by registering on the platform and through direct job search. Consequently companies can tap this vast resource through direct access and promotion on the platform.

Our Offered Services

Platform for candidate registration and job search
Easy hire for front-line positions across businesses
Free Job listings for the businesses with easy access to candidate data

Our Goal

Aligning our Goals to achieve our Ambitions
Reaching out to a large and talented resource of students in distant locales of India
Building and empowering them with confidence and personality
Reaching out to a network of global business to help provide opportunities using our platform

Our Market

Total Available Market (TAM):
  • 500 millions Indians in the working age
  • (Team Lease report- 08-05-2023)
Serviceable Available Market (SAM):
  • 51% need skill enhancement
  • (Team Lease report- 08-05-2023)
Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM):
  • Property 60.84%, Tourism 47.43%, Healthcare 27.16%........

Our Milestones

A journey has just begin...

Company was founded.


Establish a network of candidates that can take up front-line jobs through direct registration on the platform and expand the market share for providing campus to corporate skill training


Customer retention and growth. 10% increase in the market share .

Our Partner

USeekSkill! We are a multifaceted platform focusing on specialised Workshops and Recruitment & Placement. We take great pride in offering workshops that are directly related to the recruitment and career advancement process. These workshops are designed to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully transition from a campus to corporate setting.

Employment Opportunities Abroad